Energy logger using PZEM004T and Arduino UNO+SD shield ver 1.0

Any help is a good help! I appreciate you for spending some time on this!

Energy Meter: PZEM004T -100A


SD Logger: Ver 1.0 clone with onboard DS1307 RTC

SD card: SD 16GB uSD class 10 A1 HC I


Objective: To Measure the V, I, kW, kWh, hz and pf using the PZEM004T made available using the library:

Issue: Not able to use SD card over SPI and PZEM over Serial in the same code. Eventhough I am able to run them sepearately and they work fine. I get it, that there is a comm issue of the Serial but could not find a solution after days of systematic trial and errors. I had used software serial too for the PZEM but the issue persists. I had tried running on half SPI speed to but no good. I could use a Mega as given in

but I would like to get a solution with UNO as I had invested around 50 of UNO only for this project.

Note: The Libraries eat a lot of Mem too so the UNO displays the warning of stability.

PZEM (149 KB)