Energy saving lighting system

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Am trying to do a project that will drive LED lights for an airport parking very similar to what shopping malls have.The parking is half open on the walls sides. I want to regulate the output of the lights based on the amount of natural light present, However this must comply with the Occupational Health and safety standards by ensuring that minimum 50lux is maintained. Any suggestion on how can i go about doing this.
Reference of 50lux.

It must have a lux sensor that is programmable to keep the Ref as 50 lux.
When minimum lux is detected lights must dim about 40%,60% and 80% and 100% during the night conditions due to no natural light.

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Is this a student project?

Yes, part time student but this is the project idea I have for my work place. i want to see if will it work on simulation before i can propose it to the business.

One place to start would be to research and buy a suitable Arduino compatible light sensor, and get it working.

Then figure out what lighting to use, and learn how to control it. Plenty of examples on the web.

Step one - get your light sensor and get it working.
Step two decide how to control the lights “ dimming”
Step three combine !

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