[eng] Nunchuck controller 1wii + HC-SR04 + MLX90614 = open thermal painter

Hello, I want to realize an open source tool that can display the surface temperature of a wall. A Nunchuck, an infrared temperature sensor (MLX90614) and an ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04) could be utilized. The accelerometer of the Nunchuck is able to measure the acceleration in the 3 axis (for this purpose would be enough the measure on two axis, X and Y, because I hypothesize to move the nunchuck from right to left, from bottom to top and vice versa). The HC-SR04 sensor (ideally integrated in the modified nunchuck) is able to measure in all the points the distance between the nunchuck and the surface. The MLX90614 sensor is able to define the temperature of all the points. In this way, from the arduino I would obtain: the acceleration in the x and y axis, the distances and the temperatures. With the trigonometric formulas I can define the distances between two point on the wall starting from the measure of the movement of the nunchuk and the distance. The problem is that the nunchuck is able to meausure an acceleration in Volt and not in m/s2. If I can obtain the value in m/s2 I could assume, for short interval time (20 millisecond), the movement as if it were constant acceleration and use the kinematic formulas to determine velocity in m/s and displacement in meter. By processing the values of x, y and temp in excel you could make a map of the temperature distribution. A feedback or your thoughts on how to solve the problem of the nunchuck it would be appreciated.