Engine Dyno Load Controll

Hi There!

have been away from Arduino for a while, and i am kind of rusty.

I need help with Load Control on a Water brake Engine Dyno. Im not going to calculate Torque or Horsepower with the Arduino. ONLY load control.

Im going to put a Stepper motor (NEMA17) on the load valve, for manualy controlling the load, with a Potentiometer. (I have pretty much that figured out).

But it would be PERFECT if the Arduino could Auto control this valve, based on Engine RPM, so the RPM would be steady independent of the Torque produced by the Engine.

My plan was to take the signal prom a VR sensor on the shaft, that gives me 60 pulses per Rev, and convert this to squarewave. Maybe an HallEffect, with 1 pulse per revolution is better? Max RPM is probably around 8000, maybe 10000.

Im thinkink of som kind of PID regulator here.

Here is a Production one.

http://www.depac.com/images/adl-1280.jpg http://www.depac.com/images/v-sys-a.jpg (picture of console)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqQp5i7lFiM (in action Video)

And we are waiting for the manufacturer of the logging system to implement Load Control into the logging Software.

Have anyone done anything in this direction, and understand what im trying to do?

If someone can do the coding for me, i even pay for it. The Harware stuf, is more my kind of thing.


Sorry Folks, im using an UNO R3

If someone have done a Cruise Control, it should be similar.

Here are the Stepper/Driver im planning.