Engineering Kit Rev 2 Issue with Instructions/ Illustrations in Section 3.7

First, my apologies if this is not the correct Forum to post but I have tried to post in the Engineering Kit Rev 2 under the Arduino Education Kits but it logs me out and I cannot post. The issue that I am having is everything has worked up to the Simulink build (3.7) and it references M1M2DC motor block in all of the text but it shows M3M4DC motor block in all of the illustrations. It wants you to set up the motor for -255 to 255 for the PWM signal but I cannot adjust that setting in the M1M2DC motor block (it says -100 to 100 and I cannot change it). I used the M3M4 motor block, in Simulink, and it uses the -255 to 255 signal range but the motor does not work in that configuration. Do I need to change the code to M3 for the motorCarrier and attach the motor to the other block or is there a way to reconfigure M1M2 motor block in Simulink to get it to work?

Thank you,