Engineering kit rev2 :Unrecognized property 'DutyCycle'

Im using the engineering kit rev 2 and while in the "Control the DC Motor " paragraph the instructions say to type

dcm.DutyCycle = 0.5;

But the MATLAB keeps responding this :

“Unrecognized property ‘DutyCycle’ for class
What should I do?

I'm receiving the same error. I believe the corresponding command is dcm.Speed = 0.5. I'm just getting started, but it seems the documentation already has some bugs


Forwarded this issue to the proper team at Arduino and it will be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks.

You need to use

dcm = dcmotor(carrier, 'M1')

The contents of chapter 3 Arduino Engineering Kit Rev 2 has been done. Please go through the contents again to see the changes in function.