Engineering Kit V2 - Section 3.7 motor operation


I'm using the Nano 33IOT board. Everything is hooked up properly and works, however I'm not sure if the motor is being controlled by simulink properly.

I'm getting a sine wave function to work properly. Is this supposed to send a continuous signal to the DC motor to vary the speed up and down? That is what I would expect.

However, my motor is only switching back and forth between min and max values. Once it hits 0 it switches over between forward and backward. I would have expected this to ramp up to max and then back down to 0, then switch directions.

Can anyone confirm?


I've been having the same problem.
Thats there no 'further explanation' of what to expect or how to rectify any potential issues isn't overly helpful...

Yeah, it would be awesome if there were videos to follow along with some of the areas where you are testing components, but I can understand this would be time consuming also. Hopefully someone can elaborate on how the motor is actually supposed to operate.

So I've had a play, there seems to be more than one issue.

The simulink motors are split M1/M2 which have input -100-0-100 and M3/M4 which have the -255-0-255 input however the directions cross reference them as if they were interchangeable referencing M1/M2 in teh txt but then M3/M4 in the screenchots and wiring direction. Which is it?

The gain being set to 255 (or 100 if you use M1/M2) seems to cause the issue, I had a much less 'aggressive' response using M1/M2 with the gain set to 1 (expected, although I'm still not sure its stepping through the speeds).

If you use M3/M4 then gain of 1 produces a dead zone with little movement above around it. Any more than 5 just seems to lead back to the origional issue which I'm assuming is bad for the hardware and wouldn't be helpful in the projects either.

Some adjustment to the sine wave might help aswell although I'm just getting erratic changes playing with that.

I'm also having the issue when you press 'stop' in Simulink the board powers on the motor and keeps running until you press the reset on the board itself (again not helpful).

I could also be going about this the wrong way and am happy to be corrected.

If anyone is still having the issue of the motors jumping straight to the top speed then reversing without slowing down, from emailing the support team, in the sine wave block enter an amplitude of 300 (instead of 6000) and a frequency of 0.2 (instead of 1). (Screen shot attached for those who want it...)

This gives the desired response.

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