English Electronics Help

If anyone is having difficulty with English electronics jargon (or even some basic electronic concepts), I found that this page is quite helpful.

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Very interesting, it would be cool to see to see some basic logic gates made out of hydraulic "transistors".

Of course, the simplest is the OR.

A ===\====
           ]===== out
B ===\====

\ is a passive valve (working as a diode) if A or B is under pressure OUT is under pressure

for an AND port you need active valves that open under pressure of a 3rd tube. (with a spring inside to close it again if pressure is released. put 2 of those in series and

P ===[A]====[B]==== out

P = constant pressure (~ +5V) if valve A opens uner pressure and valve B opens under pressure => out will have pressure

An invertor is made with a valve that closes under pressure

P ===[in]==== out

homework, design the XOR ;)