Engraving Software

Hi there
I searched quickly but i did not find any answer
I don't know if you remember the project hector.ch. They used Scriptographer to output routing path from Illustrator and to control a specific hardware
Do you know any software that can make the same kind of thing, let's say read a particularly colored .eps file (like the ones you produce for ponoko) and output a txt file that can be read and translated in Processing (for exemple) to drive some stepper motors?
I'm just in a reflexion phase, I don't yet know how I'm gonna build my engraving thingy but I'd like to be sure I can draw paths easily without having to code every movement by hand ^^


Yes its possible but you'll want to know the file format your targeting fairly well.
Lines wouldnt be difficult.

I just saw that the RepRap project is working with an Arduino board, and that they got a G-code intepreter Sketch. I'll try to look this way ^^

Thats probably a beter idea. The Hector system do not use an ordinary X / Y coordinate system, due to the way the painthead is hanging in a belt under the two stepper motors. So the math involved in interpretating the graphics files is very different from what you would need for an X / Y (/ Z) engraving system.

hey guys. hoeken from RepRap here. i was just going to post about our gcode work and i found this. i've created a new thread here that talks about the system itself: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1204066265

basically, if you're building an engraving system which uses cnc style stuff, this is an extremely nice route to go down.

BTW, if you hadn't seen it (I hadn't) Hektor is very cool: http://www.hektor.ch/