Entering wi-fi user name and password to esp8266(wemos) via bluetooth

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My project needs to be on the go for various places all the time. So I would like my wemos board to be able to connect to different routers. I need a way to enter the router's id and password and bluetooth seemed like the way to go. Do anyone think this is possible?

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Generally this is possible. Whether this is possible with the ESP8266 I am not sure. I suspect a ESP32 or Arduino Nano 33 IoT would be a better option. They both support WiFi and BLE.

I wrote an example to switch between WiFi and BLE for the Arduino Nano 33 IoT a while ago. See here reply #7.


You would need to add a characteristic for the SSID and one for the password. They could be written using a generic BLE app.

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one way is to use the wifimanager:
if there is no rooter available, the esp opens its own network. you connect to this interim wifi, enter the values like ssid and pwd, restart the esp and the esp connects to that wifi.

No need for bluetooth.

google for "esp8266 wifimanager" and there is an example in the IDE also.

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I was about to come back here to tell that things got super easy once I discovered some beauty called wifimanager.

I appreciate both replies guys
Klaus_K and noiasca thank you!

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