Entire code has gone missing - file is blank

Ok i opened The IDE today 1.8.10 ( i keep the old one as im sick of libraries being updated and old ones im using not being supported - old version of IDE allows me to keep working with them)
so today opened the ide and the lat project opened blank, funny thing is the file/sketch name was correct so the file exists but its now blank. No changes were saved to the code yesterday and i wasnt nagged to verwrite a windows file so can someone explain to me how a file deletes itself and if it can be got back again.
The other thing of interest is that all the recently opened files in the file menu list had gone as well. Definately an IDE issue wtf. on saturday i had just about finished quite an intense project to convert a cnc lathe to work with Pathpilot. the last saved session i can roll back to was a file i saved 10 days ago, did alot of work since then.
why would the IDE suddenly reset itself and cost us work.

also the update nag has come back again

The update nag can be configured in tools -> preferences; not behind a PC to verify the exact details.

This sounds like you did an new install but you would have known that, so unlikely. It's the only reason that I can think of why the update nag would come back, unless you changed the setting mentioned above.

I assume that you searched your HD for ino files.

Thanks for replying.

Im wondering if a typical non scheduled windows 10 update took place as i was shutting the machine down on the 28th and for some weired reason it did somthing.
I finished testing some hardware with the code opened for refference and didnt make any changes. I shut the application/ide and was messing around looking in folders in mydocs for about an hour then shut down the PC -whilst it was shutting down i unplugged the usb lead from my hardware and the PC threw up a blue screen.

the next day 1st mar i opened the ide and the file didnt open (the latest opens) so i went into the file menu and the recent files were blank. I went into my arduino work folder (in mydocs + location of libraries) and opened the file i was working on - it was blank. about 300 lines gone. didnt overwrite it as i wasnt even coding when it was last shutdown. so somehow the ide reset itself back to its defaults and overwrote the last opened file wth 11k of NULLs. Now i can very easly screw up but not that good.. I have noticed the IDE reset before (not often but has happened) but never lost work. I was 1 line off a finished project and was seriously contemplating suicide. To say im pissed is an understatement. As no one has jumped in and said oh yeah there is a glitch in the IDE and in the unlikely event files are recoverable (shame that would be a nice feature, like in cad, word etc.) i guess its one for the hall of shame. i did find a couple of other people mention it in the forum but i dont think anyone would want to see if its repeatable - to get a fix. What makes me suspect the IDE is because of the autosave on shutdown of the IDE, Im sure i have it switched off as sometime i make changes i dont want to save. but to write a blank file ? must be 1s and 0s. in the wrong order.

seriously i didnt write 11k of nulls and save it. I couldnt be Arsed too much like hard work.

Its back
Ran the ide application today and couldnt upload code changes the IDE has decided to open with the UNO sellected and not the Nano that i have been using for weeks - guess what the recently open list was blank again. Thankfully i didnt loose my code today. The IDE has definately thrown a hissy fit.

Glad that you got it back.

And now lesson learned :wink: I always make a backup when I close the day's work or before I start the next day.

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