Entrepreneurship & Arduino education

Hi everybody,

I'm an associate professor at @BArcelonaTEch (Barcelona Technical University, www.upc.edu) where I teach innovation and entrepreneurship to telecom or civil engineering. 15 weeks per semester I explain and play with students in a collaborative and interactive way to generate ideas that become opportunities, we define a suitable business model and end up with a business plan approach. It works pretty well, but I guess that introducing arduino could be interesting following the same schema.

The semester begins with a challenge (better if it's a social one) and the ideas have to try to solve it. But instead of any kind of ideas, they should fit the arduino environment. Of course, as not all students will know how to code it (I hope that telecom master students will be able to) the progress shall be slower, but the interaction will improve.

Do you know any experiences on this topic? For higher or secondary education...