enviar archivo desde un servidor, a un arduino con modulo GPRS


quería saber si es posible enviar desde un servidor web que tengo, un archivo a la SD de Arduino?
Este arduino tiene un modulo GPRS.

"wanted to know if is possible to send from a web server, send a file to the SD Arduino?
The arduino has a GPRS module."

espero respuesta,


I can't comment on the GPRS side of things, but when you say "from a web serve", you are implying that the Web server is sending the data.
Normally when people refer to a web server, they are referring to software on a server which responds to HTTP GET and POST requests.

However you seem to be implying some sort of push notification, which would require the GPRS module to be acting as a server.

Is my understanding of your question correct.

Or do you mean you want to "poll" a web server from GPRS e.g. every 30 seconds to get data.
Or perhaps open a connection to a web server and wait for data to be sent back by the web server?


perhaps open a connection to a web server and wait for data to be sent back by the web server?

Ok. Well, you could definitely achieve what you want by Polling a web server, but the connection will eventually time out and you will have to retry.

However it would work.

I'm not sure how quickly you need the Arduino to write the data to the SD card after the web server has new data.

If you have enough control of your web server you can set the timeout to a quite a long time, but there may be limits depending on what hosting you have.

If its a dedicated server where you can run program's etc, or a java server etc, you could run a specially written service that was designed not to time out.

With GPRS the connection could be broken, as you would need to also consider how to handle this.

There are so many options, but as you have not given any useful details, its hard to know the correct approach

I'm having a trouble with my GPRS connection... I'm using 2 profiles (0 and 1) to my communication process... When I send a packet and then I'm waiting for the answer a ^SIS arrives... So I open the profile/service it asks for, which actually is nor 0 neither 1, and the operation sends me and error (767, operation failed)... It is supposed that I'm not using those services that the SIS asks for, what can I do for solve that problem...?