Environmental monitoing system

Hello everyone! I would like to ask for some help for my project. I am making an environmental monitoring system which will monitor different values in the air such as monoxide. I am using Arduino Uno with Dragino LoraWan shield to send the data to the LG01 Gateway. The GateWay should send the data to the ThingSpeak.com. I've looked at dragino DHT11 example. However I am struggling to make the system to work correctly with the MQ-3, MQ-7, MQ-4 sensors. Thank you in advance for your guidance!

Please clearly describe the specific problems you are having.

Don't forget to post the code, using code tags, and a hand drawn wiring diagram, as described in How to use this forum.

Keep in mind that the MQ sensors all respond to several different gases, and are not useful for quantitative measurements.