Envoie de données vers un site web

Dans le cadre de mon projet, je cherche à envoyer depuis mon arduino avec un shield ethernet, des données que recevront mon site héberger sur ma raspberry pi.
Mais voilà le problème, je ne m'y connais pas du tout sur tout ce qui est serveur, et je ne sais pas du tout comment m'y prendre... Si je veux envoyer un texte à un emplacement de mon site, je dois donc envoyer vers l'html ? Et auquel cas y a t-il une bibliothèque spéciale ou simplement la bibliothèque du shield ethernet ?
Merci d'avance !

As part of my project, I try to send from my arduino with an Ethernet shield, data that will receive my site host on my raspberry pi.
But here's the problem, I do not know anything about everything that is server, and I do not know how to do it ... If I want to send a text to a site on my site, I should I send to the html? And in which case is there a special library or just the ethernet shield library?
Thank you in advance !

You'll probably want to install a LAMP stack on the Pi. It's a web server, server side script interpreter, and a database server.
Add a database table for your data, you can use the mysql-CLI or PhpMyAdmin.
Then add a PHP script that inserts the data that's posted to it into the database.
On the Arduino, send an HTTP request containing the data to the PHP script.

Here's a complete project I did, the only difference being the network interface. I used an ESP8266 instead of an Ethernet shield. This shouldn't be a problem, since the networking API is largely the same, but you have to change some things.


Thank you very much for your answer !! I'll watch in detail what you sent !

You can also setup a webpage that just displays the incoming data.
In my weather project, I read the sensors and update to a server every 5 seconds.
The server displays the current data and updates automatically.

I also built it to be able to send commands from the webpage back to the arduino.

I am working on also logging the data and will study PieterP's application.

I do not have a github, but if you want to send me your email, I can send you my files.