Epoxy Coated Thermistor -55 / +125C (probaly SJMF5A-3)


I bought a analog temperature sensor (epoxy coated thermistor) with a range of -55 / +125C.
I can't find a datasheet, so I don't know how to convert the analog reading to degrees Celsius.
I tried some other conversions (lm35, DS18B20) but this gives me no good readings.
Does any body know how to convert the reading to degrees Celsius?


It is a keyes KY-013 (or KY-016).

The temperature sensor is a NTC thermistor.
Can you measure the resistance ? To know what type it is ?
Here is a tutorial for it: Overview | Thermistor | Adafruit Learning System
That tutorial uses a resistor, but the resistor is already on the board.

If you want to measure the temperature, buy an DS18B20 (digital), or start with an TMP36 (analog).

Hi Erdin

Thnx, I didn't realize that a thermistor is a kind of resistor.
It's indeed a 10K and the algoritm works fine :slight_smile: