EPS-EYE, Arduino Libraries… ERROR

So, i got a ESP-EYE a couple days ago,

I want to create a “video feed” on a local server so that people can “monitor” fish tanks, as well as leave notes per fish tank (thats why its a local server),

At first, by itself, i got it to work and display on my localhost….
BUT, when i connected it to my the IDE,
It says “Error, ### of ### is too big” and “% is used”

I have the port selected,
How many different areas “as a rule of thumb”,
Do i need to check to make sure its the correct way?

There’s packages that don’t always show up in the search,

What are the top causes for a library to not upload?
I got it to where it goes through a counting list of “writing %”
But nothing happens

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