EPS32-CAM Out of Focus OV2640

My newly received ESP32-CAM is out of focus. It looks like the lens has been glued on incorrectly as shown in the picture.

Should I try and repair?
Looks like there is a thread on the lens, and if so it is certainly crossed. (like me :frowning_face:)

Aideepen ESP32-CAM WiFi Bluetooth Board ESP32-CAM-MB Micro USB to Serial Port CH340G with OV2640 2MP Camera Module Dual Mode for Arduino

And a picture from the camera.

You have little to lose by trying!

< $3 on the slow boat from China

Hi @dacho .

I have a faulty camera here.
I removed the glue.
Apparently the glue is a hot melt type.
Try to hot slightly and move the lens adjustment.

RV mineirin

Thank you all.
I followed Removing IR Filter From ESP32-CAM – Mark’s Bench

I'm almost there as below picture, and can now screw lens in out for various closeup or other applications. :smiley:

PS: Love the STEMTera boards in photo.

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