Equalizer IC + Arduino


I read something about Equalizer ICs, that they split an audioinput into X channels. I had the idea, to make a soundreactive RGB LED Strip with use of an eq IC. If one Output of the IC reaches a level, one colour gets activated, as long as the output is over this level.

How does an equalizer IC output the data? How can I use it with the Arduino? Which Equalizer IC should I use?

I hope you guys got what i meant to do :D

Thanks! Good Day! :)

How does an equalizer IC output the data?

It depends on what the equalizer is. Most do not output the individual components of the sound but mix it on board the chip.

To do the project you want to do use a MSGEQ7 chip. Lots of tutorials for this, here is one of them.


Here is a project where I used two of these chips for a stereo display on the Raspberry Pi. https://vimeo.com/167914646