Equipment measure time

Hi guys,
I am trying to solve a problem and I don't know which equipment should I use in my scenario.

The situation is:

I need to trigger something that yield a noise (like a whistle) after that noise the equipament have to measue how much time spend like a StopWatch works. This will be the begin of the competition of the match.

The competition happen in an open field and the competitor have to hit in some plates that have sensors, those sensor emmit a signal to arduion and we can mark the hitted time.

The big problems is, How can I measuere the time spend after the start command (a noise) and the hit of the first plate?

I need to have a milliseconds of accuracy, so I don't know how my arduino can registers the start time and the hitted with good accuracy? So, if I can register the exact time I have the correct time between the start and hitted sensor.

There are lots of problems with using sound as a start signal. Sound travels slowly in air (1 meter in about 3 milliseconds) and it takes time to reliably detect a particular type of sound pulse.

Also, nearby sounds, like someone speaking, can be easily confused (by a microphone and computer) with distant whistles.

If you are detecting "hit plates" electronically, you should use an electronic start signal.

HI jremington.
The sound would be used close to competitor ears.

Maybe the solution could be the same or be like sprinter (Usain Bolt), the hear the sound and start running.

Have you heard about the IPSC Shoot Championship? Our nessity is like that.

The sound would be used close to competitor ears.

Irrelevant to your timing equipment.

Reliable sound detection is surprisingly difficult. If you insist on using sound as a start signal, solve that big problem first.

The start time is easy to do. But the other times will always be a problem you must solve.

Years ago we built sports timing equipment for a customer. For the track timing we used a sound sensor to listen for the starting gun. Most of the simple sound sensors you find for the Arduino will work.

Your problem then becomes how to wire up all the sensors at the various locations to pick up the ending time sensor. As you already know, you cannot use a sound sensor from such a long distance and with a wind possibly delaying or speeding the sound reception.


I think I understand what you want to do. You don't want to detect the beep.

You have a device that will trigger an audible signal (device A) and another device (device B) that will read the sensors.
Somehow, you want to time from device A the time of your sensors on the other device B.

Maybe sending the time when you trigger the sound for device B and set that time on it. I don't know if that is possible.