Eric P Dollard

agree or disagree?? specifically on the existence of the electron

I am rabidly neutral. But if you want a second opinion, cut the red wire. That's what they always do in the movies. Or was it the blue one?


Just leave all the wires intact. If you start sending electricity through the air, it gets all over the place. I'm not gonna clean that up!


… specifically on the existence of the electron

Ya mean like this?

Seems kinda steam-punky.

does anything actually exist?


Tom.. :)

TomGeorge: Light/photons????

As the alternative to Heavy/photons ?


That’s actually a (theoretical) thing.

Qdeathstar: does anything actually exist?

I think therefore [u]I[/u] am. However I know I am not smart enough to imagine into being all the things around me even if you are all just automatons. So there has to be at least one other being feeding me sensory data.

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!