erratic stepper knob

Have tried all the stepper examples all work perfect with the exception of the stepper knob program.
stepper is driven directly off the Arduino 10 k pot the motor is very erratic. tried this combo on 2 arduinos with all separate componets the results were the same. is there a better code out there that may work better than the example code. this has been asked several times on the forum but not really answered. its almost like it is too sensitive to voltage changes. is there a way to dampen or smooth out the input voltage???


Post your program, using code tags, and a wiring diagram (hand drawn, not Fritzing). Post links to the motor, motor driver and power supply you are using.

Hi All

am using a switec x27 stepper motor the code and wiring are right out of the examples file. powered from the computer usb to the Arduino. also tried the external supply on the Arduino results were still the same. motor specs are

•Axial Force Maximum: 150N •Axial Pull Force Maximum: 100N •Radial Force Maximum: 12N •Rotation Angle Maximum: 315° •Coil Resistance: 260 ohm •General Tolerance: ± 0.1 / ± 5° •Rotation Angle Maximum: ~315° •600 steps per 'rotation' (315 degree rotation)

I have found post where others have hade the same problem but no definite answers.



Hi dougsauto,

I think the problem is that the stepper takes more current than the Arduino can supply. Motors use a lot of current and steppers are "spiky."

Try to power it completely separately with a different supply, but be sure to connect the grounds together.


Hi All

tried it with an h bridge stepper driver powered separate still was erratic maybe the program is too basic are there other stepper / knob programs that mat have either some dampening control.most if not all stepper drivers for cnc applications have some type of adjustments built in to tune the motors stability.