Erro no software

Recentemente comprei um Arduino mega e ao tentar usar o MobiFlight, descobri que o VID PID dele é de Arduino uno, ou seja, era pra estar 2341/0010(VID PID do Mega) e esta 2341/0001(VID PID do Uno). Alguém sabe se tem como consertar isso?

That is unfortunate, but really I'm not sure it matters. Have you had any problem using your Mega? If not, I would suggest just ignoring it. If it does bother you, you could consider contacting the seller you bought it from for a replacement. Or if you prefer the DIY approach, you could update the firmware on the ATmega16U2 following this tutorial:

I believe the instructions about soldering the resistor on that tutorial are outdated and that step is no longer necessary.

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