Error bootloading 644P

Never bootloaded before and I tried it tonight. I am using an UNO as a programmer and all seems to go well until I use the Burn Bootloader w/ Arduino as ISP

Returned error is

Expected signature for ATMEGA644P is 1E 96 OA Double check chip, or use -F to override this check.

I am using a ATMEGA644PU. Is this different from a 644P?


ATmega644A 0x1E 0x96 0x09 960A 0x1F ATmega644PA 0x1E 0x96 0x0A 960A 0x1F ATmega644P 0x1E 0x96 0x0A 960A 0x1F

-PU indicates DIP package

Did you get an 644A-PU?

Ah, that is probably it. I am away for the weekend so wil try again when I get home

It looks like you have got a quite different MCU than you try to program. You should try to program it through avrdude and type -p m644pu or some different atmega644 instead m644p if you are sure you are not using 644p.