error 'class MWtelmtry' has no member named 'keybdIn'

As a hardware engineering getting going with object oriented programming, I can’t seem to get the compiler past this very simplified program (kept stripping stuff out to only the very basic remains). The compiler issues:

Arduino: 1.6.0 (Windows XP), Board: “Arduino Micro”

(stripped out some of the output window for brevity)

Telemetry_Proj1.ino: In function ‘void loop()’:
Telemetry_Proj1.ino:15:18: error: ‘class MWtelmtry’ has no member named ‘keybdIn’
Error compiling.

Any help would be appreciated.

MWTelmtry.cpp (529 Bytes)

MWTelmtry.h (939 Bytes)

Telemetry_Proj1.ino (255 Bytes)

You define char KeybdIn();

but you call keybdIn()

Devil is in the details. Or in this case, the upper case... It's not a constant so change the capitol K to a k.

It's also normal to make a define in all caps.

And for the class global _pin you do use a underscore but for err_ind you don't... Why?

And I don't know why but a lot of people make the internal part private. But if you make it protected instead it's so much easier to extend the class. That's why I had to fork the Servo lib instead of extend it :(

Also, when I used 1.6.0 a came across multiple bugs so switched back to 1.0.6 at the time. But the current 1.6.4 works fine. So maybe switch to the newest version as well.

Thanks for help all. Hosed by a Capital letter - been away from programming too long :-) I'll take the advice and upgrade version as well. I'll try to repay the help by helping out in the electronics area (I'm an EE). --Best to all.