error code list

hi, is it possible to get a list of error codes? I want to make a code that tells me how to fix errors, but I will never stumble across all of the errors by chance.


Different aspects of the IDE can generate different error responses. So from your initial Q. it is quite hard to discern with any clarity which part you want the error responses for.

Maybe the best advice I can give right now is for you to read the sticky posts at the top of a section about how to use that section and once you grasp that then add the details people need to give you the best answers they can.


I want errors that can be noticed by the compiler, so compile-time errors or syntax errors.
(pretty sure that they are same thing)

Such as THIS


The reason I asked for specifics is that there are also the STK500 errors which are almost exclusive to a different part of the IDE.


Thanks The second link helped.