error code showing while compiling

on this pic u can seee that …WHITE HAS NO DECLARED …SO the compiling could not proceed beacuse of this error.find me solution

Don't post pictures of your screen and expect us to be able to read it.

Please copy and paste both your program and the errors messages into your post. Use code tags when you do. If you don't know what that means, then please read this post first and pay particular attention to point 7.

This might be a 0 O typo, can't tell from the screendump as you have a font where 0 and O are identical. Post the code.

Might be a typo (I'm assuming you mean 0LED_RESET vs OLED_RESET?) but I'd guess the library is either missing, misnamed, or in the wrong location (given the 'Adafruit_SSD1306' does not name a type error).

Seems like the most likely error.