Error code 'TFTLCD' does not name a type

I ordered an 3.2" tft touch screen GLCD screen for my arduino uno from womarts on ebay. My touch screen plugs directly into my Uno board. I'am trying to run the grpahicstest for my screen and am having trouble with this line: TFTLCD tft(LCD_CS, LCD_CD, LCD_WR, LCD_RD, LCD_RESET);

The error is: 'TFTLCD' does not name a type.

I DESPERATELY need help/suggestions. Thank you.

I DESPERATELY need help/suggestions.

What you DESPERATELY need to do is read the sticky at the top of the forum. Pay particular attention to the part that says "Post your code". Pay some attention to the part that says to post links to libraries and hardware.

It is unlikely that the only error message was "TFTLCD does not name a type". If you fix the ones before that, like Unable to read TFTLCD.h", later ones often magically go away.