error compile using ethernet2.h


I’m using a genuino micro and an ethernet shield 2 (w5500 — ethernet2.h) and when i verify/upload my sketch i receive a bunch of error message (attach as a text file).

it’s the same code i already used with an uno and an ethernet shield (w5100) - normally compatible.

1st, my IDE tell me the ethernet2.h was missing, so i update to the last IDE (1.8.5), at my surprised ethernet2.h was still missing (was thinking it was included with now !!!), so I get it from github-adafruit and put it on my library.
Ethernet2.h is now included but receive lot of error message. look like there is some conflict with OSCuino, but also problem with the ethernet2 lib…

if i change back to Ethernet.h, no error message…

if you have any idea where the problem from !!!

i attached my code too, for help you get a full picture…

thanks for your help


Motor_4x_OSC.ino (2.6 KB)

You forgot to post the errors.

When you encounter an error you’ll see a button on the right side of the orange bar “Copy error messages”. Click that button. Paste the error in a message here USING CODE TAGS (</> button on the toolbar).

Yes ! truble add the file :confused:

EThernet2-Error.doc (80.5 KB)

My fault !

need to change <EthernetUdp.h> to <EthernetUdp2.h> too…

so it’s uploading, but still not working… but it’s a good step…