Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Uno on arduino

hi everyone. I have a problem. please help me. i don’t know fix them thanks!
my code:

#include <TimerOne.h>
#define TRIG_PIN 8
#define ECHO_PIN 7
#define TIME_OUT 5000
int En = 5;
double h;
double h_init;
double E, E1, E2, alpha, gamma, beta;
double Kp, Kd, Ki;
double T;
volatile double Output = 0;
double LastOutput = 0;

float GetDistance()
double duration, distance;
digitalWrite(TRIG_PIN, LOW);
digitalWrite(TRIG_PIN, HIGH);
digitalWrite(TRIG_PIN, LOW);

duration = pulseIn( ECHO_PIN, HIGH, TIME_OUT);
distance = duration / 29.1 / 2;
return distance;
void PID()
double x = GetDistance();
h_init = 47 - x;
E = h - h_init;
alpha = 2 * T * Kp + Ki * T * T - 2 * Kd;
beta = T * T * Ki - 4 * Kd - 2 * T * Kp;
gamma = 2 * Kd;
Output = (alpha * E + beta * E1 + gamma * E2 + 2 * T * LastOutput) / (2 * T);
LastOutput = Output;
E2 = E1;
E1 = E;
if (h_init <=h)
analogWrite( En, Output);
else if (h_init > h )
analogWrite(En, 0);
void setup()
pinMode(En, OUTPUT);

Kp = 2; Kd = 0.1; Ki = 1;

E = 0; E1 = 0; E2 = 0;
h = 10;
T = 0.1;


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thank you.

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What is the code supposed to to do, what is the application?

Thanks... Tom... :slight_smile:

Where is your loop()?

Can you fix it for me?

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