Error Compiling : #include <dht.h> No Such File : In Raspbian

So in my Raspberry Pi running Raspbian I can not get the basic DHT11_Test file to work as it is telling me the dht.t doesn't exist!

I have searched for how to add this file to my library for the Pi but I can not get it to work, I am new to linux and Arduino.

In the windows environment I was able to get it to work I am just struggling with the Linux side. Also any information to websites about understanding the Arduino langauge would be helpful.

I have programmed various control systems using Script and Graphical programming but they have very defined methods and keywords I am familiar with.

For example I could write a script called a Function that resides outside of the program and in the program I could reference the Function to return a value. Is this similar to the #include feature of Arduino?


See this page for how to install a third-party library: