Error compiling libraries (GSM SHIELD)

Hello,I am trying to connect an Lcd Display and a keypad with the Arduino GSM Shield and make a phone call or receive a call.But when I connect the Keypad and write the code I get this error:

Arduino: 1.6.5 Hourly Build 2015/05/15 04:13 (Mac OS X), Board: "Arduino Uno"

In file included from /Users/mariakior/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Keypad/Keypad.h:36:0,
                 from receive_vc_hang_up.ino:8:
/Users/mariakior/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Keypad/utility/Key.h:46:15: error: redeclaration of 'IDLE'
 typedef enum{ IDLE, PRESSED, HOLD, RELEASED } KeyState;
In file included from /Applications/,
                 from /Applications/,
                 from /Applications/,
                 from receive_vc_hang_up.ino:1:
/Applications/ note: previous declaration 'GSM3_NetworkStatus_t IDLE'
Error compiling.

  This report would have more information with
  "Show verbose output during compilation"
  enabled in File > Preferences.


I get this error:

You can't have two enum values with the same name in the same hex file.

Edit one of the libraries and rename IDLE. It will probably be simpler to rename IDLE in the Key.h and Key.cpp files.

I also posted a fix for this here:

Someone else wanted to solve this without editing the libraries, so you have two options now.

Thank you both very much for your help.The error was fixed with your advice!!!!