Error compiling LowLatencyLogger

I'm a n00b to Arduino Web Editor with a simple question. I can import LowLatencyLogger.ino but it errors with on function call to printHeader() which is defined in UserTypes.h

So far I have tried to zip the .ino and .h files together and import the zip
Then I tried Cannot upload header file in web editor

In both cases is tried: #include "UserTypes.h" and #include <UserTypes.h>

The compiler is complaining about line 294: printHeader(&Serial);
which is defined in userTypes.h as void printHeader(Print* pr);
which is just a prototype for me to modify to suit my personal requirements. But first I need to get LLL.ino to compile without modification. After that, all new errors will be my fault. :wink:

Line 294 of what ?

Please post the code here using code tags as described in How to get the best out of this forum

Line 294 of LowLatencyLogger.ino which reads:
which is where the compiler barfs with the error:
LowLatencyLogger.ino:294: undefined reference to `printHeader(Print*)'

and the function printHeader() is defined as: void printHeader(Print* pr);
in the file UserTypes.h

If you want help, you need to provide us with everything necessary to reproduce the problem you're having.

My bad. My 'C' experience was getting in the way understanding the problem.

I'm over the 'include' problem. It's all down to syntax and my rusty near non-existent C++ skills.

apologies to the group for my idiot problem.

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