Error compiling, not sure why. Maybe my use of libraries?

Hey guys,

Of course I am pretty new to Arduino and this is my first time posting, so I apologize if the code is hard to read/ follow, or uses some longer methods (feel free to help me compress the memory use).

The goal is to create a solar panel stand that follows the sun. Every 30 seconds the system will check the sensors and solar panels will move up, down, left, right. I have 5 light sensors that read values and motors (via relay) move the sensors the correct direction towards the sun. When it does this I need to log the direction it moved and the time it took to do so. I am using a version of the SD adafruit shield on my Uno for data logging and RTC functions.

Main problem is the compiler throwing me an error right after it looks for the SPI library, so I am inclined to think that's the problem, however I am again new, and have no experience reading errors so a little help would be greatly appreciated. Also in previous tries I have had this running and the time was returning "10/10/10 10:10:10" and my duration variable printed as "0" on the sd card.

Open to suggestions on ANY improvements, but really just trying to get this to compile properly.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately hit by a character limit, I will have to post the code and error in a reply?

Without the code and the error message, there is no chance of getting help here.
If you have hit a character limit on your post attempt here, you could try attaching a text file containing your code and the error messages.