Error Compiling

Hello Everyone, Ive been having a problem trying to get my nano programed. I log in and open my sketch and a lot of times when I go to upload my code I get this error: "[u]Error uploading, check if the selected board is currently available.[/u]" Actually I get this error quite often and my board is selected but when I open the drop down list my com port is not there. What I have been doing a lot of the times when I get that error is to pause the plugin then open the plugin again and that usually works to get it compiling again. Well this time I have tried that about 10 times now and even closed the browser and reloaded Create but no success. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks jessey

Just a thought but what is your computers security in regards to antivirus and similar ?

Some issues tend to be in over zealous security software and adding the CREATE agent to the security exclusions / white list may often help.

Hi @jessey, could it be that you have the same issue described here?