Error- contiguousRange failed while using AnalogbinLogger.ino in SdFat library

I need to sample a sine wave of frequency 1 kHz using the Arduino and store these sample values in an SD card so that I can access these values at a later time. I have made some modifications to the code in the configuration section. However, when I run the sketch, it gives me an error stating contiguousRange failed, and I cannot understand why. Please help. The changes to the code are shown below:

#ifdef __AVR__
#include <SPI.h>
#include "SdFat.h"
#include "FreeStack.h"
#include "AnalogBinLogger.h"
// Analog pin number list for a sample.  Pins may be in any order and pin
// numbers may be repeated.
const uint8_t PIN_LIST[] = {0};
// Sample rate in samples per second.
const float SAMPLE_RATE = 5000;  // Must be 0.25 or greater.

// The interval between samples in seconds, SAMPLE_INTERVAL, may be set to a
// constant instead of being calculated from SAMPLE_RATE.  SAMPLE_RATE is not
// used in the code below.  For example, setting SAMPLE_INTERVAL = 2.0e-4
// will result in a 200 microsecond sample interval.

// Setting ROUND_SAMPLE_INTERVAL non-zero will cause the sample interval to
// be rounded to a a multiple of the ADC clock period and will reduce sample
// time jitter.
// ADC clock rate.
// The ADC clock rate is normally calculated from the pin count and sample
// interval.  The calculation attempts to use the lowest possible ADC clock
// rate.
// You can select an ADC clock rate by defining the symbol ADC_PRESCALER to
// one of these values.  You must choose an appropriate ADC clock rate for
// your sample interval.
// #define ADC_PRESCALER 7 // F_CPU/128 125 kHz on an Uno
// #define ADC_PRESCALER 6 // F_CPU/64  250 kHz on an Uno
// #define ADC_PRESCALER 5 // F_CPU/32  500 kHz on an Uno
// #define ADC_PRESCALER 4 // F_CPU/16 1000 kHz on an Uno
// #define ADC_PRESCALER 3 // F_CPU/8  2000 kHz on an Uno (8-bit mode only)
// Reference voltage.  See the processor data-sheet for reference details.
 uint8_t const ADC_REF = 0; // External Reference AREF pin.
//uint8_t const ADC_REF = (1 << REFS0);  // Vcc Reference.
// uint8_t const ADC_REF = (1 << REFS1);  // Internal 1.1 (only 644 1284P Mega)
// uint8_t const ADC_REF = (1 << REFS1) | (1 << REFS0);  // Internal 1.1 or 2.56
// File definitions.
// Maximum file size in blocks.
// The program creates a contiguous file with FILE_BLOCK_COUNT 512 byte blocks.
// This file is flash erased using special SD commands.  The file will be
// truncated if logging is stopped early.
const uint32_t FILE_BLOCK_COUNT = 256000;

// log file base name.  Must be six characters or less.
#define FILE_BASE_NAME "analog"

// Set RECORD_EIGHT_BITS non-zero to record only the high 8-bits of the ADC.
// Pin definitions.
// Digital pin to indicate an error, set to -1 if not used.
// The led blinks for fatal errors. The led goes on solid for SD write
// overrun errors and logging continues.
const int8_t ERROR_LED_PIN = 3;

// SD chip select pin.
const uint8_t SD_CS_PIN = 10;