error correction guide

Is there a master "list", or "dictionary", or "glossary", or other designation which tells what the Compiler means when it makes a statement about something being "expected" or "not designated", or other Arduino language terminology?

Most of the compiler messages mean just what they say. If it says it expected a semicolon then that means that you left out a semicolon. If it says something isn't declared in score then you are using a variable that doesn't exist in that scope. Occasionally it may use words like scope and declared that you might not know, but Google the word along with the term C++ and you'll usually find something that explains it.

Arduino IDE uses avr-gcc, which is based on GCC (GNU C Complier) so the error messages are just the same. So you can easily find their description on the net. If you encounter some error message which you don't understand you can just google for it, excluding parts specific to your code like variable/function names, line number, etc. Most likely you'll find a lot of explanations and suggestions on how to fix your errors.

One problem when trying to interpret error messages is that the compiler sometimes runs into a problem somewhere after the location of the actual error. For example a missing semi-colon at the end of a line might allow it to think that two lines are all part of one command and it only runs into a problem somewhere in the middle of the second line.

Also, focus your attention on the first error that is listed. Fixing that often fixes the subsequent errors as well..


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