Error: could not find java 2 runtime environment.

Hi: Hope I am in the right board. My apology for newbie question.

I installed windows arduino 0010 on my win 2k machine.

I also installed Java runtime.

Try to run arduino, I got an error:

Java Virtual Machine Launcher:

Error: could not find java 2 runtime environment.

I checked at the system/advanced/environment and did not find any path to any java path or anything relating to Java.

What should I do ?

Thanks for any helps .


I tried on my ubuntu 7.1 machine. It is amd 64 cpu ( if this matters ).

I got "Error building library 'sprite'"

This occurred both arduino0009 & 0010.

What should I do to correct this error ?

Thanks samira

Hi, I’m sorry you’re having such trouble - usually if you try two operating systems one will work. :slight_smile:

On Windows, did you try using the run.bat script? That sometimes work when the arduino.exe does not.

Under Ubuntu, was there any more to the error message? You don’t actually need the Sprite library for most things, so you could try going ahead despite the error, or removing the Sprite directory (from ARDUINO/hardware/libraries). You might need to get rid of the Matrix library too.