Error downloading on my arduino uno.

I am using arduino create, when I chose my board there is a gray line with a red x in the middle. The icon is to the left of the selected board. I can't install arduino IDE I don't know why. I am new to aduino and I would appreciate some help.Thank you!

Stop cross-posting.

Your other post:

You got help and completely ignored it.


You told me:

sorry about cross posting.

Then <18 hours later you had already cross posted again. It seems you weren’t very sorry after all.

I could not find my last post, i am new to this so please give me a break.

I told you I requested that it be moved to the Create > Editor forum section.

You can find all your posts by doing this:

  • Click your profile picture in the top right corner of the Arduino webpage.
  • Forum Settings > Edit
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