Error downloading sketch - can't access sketch shared by someone else page


A colleague has shared his sketch with me. When I click on his link I constantly get this error message, sating “we’re just having one of those days”

Is this an Arduino error, a laptop/operating stystem error?

I have managed to open his sketch once or twice, but errors on 10-15 other occasions. The twice I have opened it, I then try to log into to Arduino and get the same error.

Alternatively if I try to go straight to the ‘download’ button, I just get an “error while downloading”.

Any advice?

It does look like a server error.

However also check any security settings you have and your internet connection just in case something is being blocked.

Here is a link to one of my sketches just to see if it gives you a different result.

Server errors are usually fixed PDQ.

Thanks for the reply. Yep, same error…

I’ll double check any internet settings on my laptop, although I have opened the sketch 2 or 3 times to view. I’m just ready to DO something with it now.

Hi @SithLord could you please open your chrome debugger (right click + inspect), going to the sketch link, and send screenshot with console tab open and network tab open?


Thanks Smellai

My lack of IT knowledge took me a while to figure out what you meant, lol. I hope this is it. 2 screen shots attached.

I’m in Australia, so about to hit bed. Will be back online in about 9 hrs.


But can you access your editor page?
I suspect it could be an issue with your account, could you please click on 'POST 400 (bad request)' in your network panel and send more details? thanks

Ok. I think I've got it. I assumed the guy was just sharing his code. Didn't realise I needed to set up my own Create account. (other people have shared their code with me without Create)

Thanks for your help.

There are two methods available.

First is to just open the sketch in CREATE (yes account needed)
Second is to “download” the sketch and open it in a regular desktop IDE.

Both should work just take a little time to get familiar with what is on the page you are presented with when you open the initial link.

Actually you should be able to see the sketch shared by someone else even if you are logged out or you never registered inside Create Editor. I think there's a bug somewhere, let's see if someone else experiences the same issue