Error due to memory while comiling the code

I get this error as “not enough memory” can somebody help me iut that what is the issue happening and the solution to it.

You variables are using to much SRAM memory. Post your code and we can maybe help reduce this. One thing to try if your using the print class is to put the strings in flash memory instead, so for example if you have...

Serial.println("Hello World");

you can enclose the string in the F() macro and it will be stored in flash instead of ram

Serial.println(F("Hello World"));

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use flash memory and program memory(PROGMEM)

smashyanand: use flash memory and program memory(PROGMEM)

Yes, but that won't work if, for example, he is declaring an array of 10,000 ints. We have seen it here. So wait for his answer.

This is like early PC days where you worry about every byte :) And you write efficient code. So different from programming with node.js where you pull in a gig of package files just to write and build a hello world program :)