Error: Example code for Analog Sensor Calibration

There is an error in the Sample code for the Analog Sensor Calibration under ANALOG I/O of the Examples page.

I orriginally posted the question to another topic on this forum because I was not sure that the fault was not on my end. However from the post I recieved from AWOL (thanks again there) I now understand that the error is not mine.

the error lies in two variables being decalred as "const" when infact they are designed to change (often rapidly) durring the setup() function.

to see the full posting on this see this post:

Thought I would mention it here so it could get fixed before some other unsuspecting newbie tripped over it and thought they were missing some fine point in the programming language.

Thanks Endante,

Fixed the learning page. The actual code for the calibration example may still be broken though.