ERROR "expected unqualified-id before numeric constant"

i was creating some Integers but at the moment of verify the code it show the error "expected unqualified-id before numeric constant"


int Q = 830,61; // SOL#

int L = 932,32; // LA#

int SIB = 493.883; // SI BEMOL MAYOR SI#

thanks for the help.

You have commas in the values you're assigning to Q and L. That is not valid syntax.

Also - the int datatype is, as the name implies, an integer. Anything that isn't an integer will be truncated (ie, after doing int SIB = 493.883, SIB is equal to 493 - it can't store the decimals. If you need decimals, you need to use a float (introducing all the oddities inherent with floating point math) or adjust your math so you don't need the decimal (for example, if you need it accurate to two decimal places, multiply the values by 100 and do the math with integers).

It's important to know the limitations of the datatypes you're using.


int SIB = 493.883;

Most integers don't contain a decimal point or digits to the right of it.