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I am having the problem that no such highlighting is done at all in my 1.8.10 version under linux. This issue seems to exists since years. Some bug reportings on the web show that it seemed to work under windows but not under linux. However, things varied even between minor version changes.

Is there anybody out there who has a working linux setup with 1.8.10, where errors are highlighted in the source-code?

AND, to repeat the TO's question (which wasn't answered yet): "I_s there any shortcut to go directly to error line_" ?

Addendum: I have now observed, that the error-line highlighting works after I have changed something in the code. i.e.: when I just opened a source and tried to compile it, I got the errors but no highlighting. Only after editing the source, the highlighting was there.

Anyway, the key question is still open: Is there any shortcut to go directly to error line?

I have a few dozens of files here, so manually "going" to an error line in a particular file is tedious.

Hi @emax_,
this is the forum section about the online IDE. You can report issues about the desktop IDE directly in the gihtub repository and check if the issue you described was alreday reported. Thanks

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