Error (I think), pg7 of 'Preferences.txt'

after ==

“< greater than”
“<= greaterthanorequalto”

(I don’t see a ‘search’ box on the forum web page, would be nice)
(my 1st day of looking & learning)

Well, maybe spend a bit longer reading. The "search" box is up there on the right. It's labelled "search".

I forgot to add…

And three lines later,

“< lessthan”
“<= lessthaorequalto”

Somethings wrong, same symbols, different meanings.

(as for ‘search’, maybe its time for new glasses, sorry)

??? Preferences.txt is the file containing assorted options, and it doesn’t have any occurrences of “<=” (nor does it have 7 pages); It sounds like you could be talking about “reference.txt”, except I don’t see any such file, and the “reference” web page doesn’t have 7 pages, either.

What ARE you talking about? (yes, it sounds wrong. “<=” is less-than-or-equal, “>=” is greater-than-or-equal…)


My mistake… its in ‘Keywords.txt’

[I mistakenly stapled the two paper files together]

operators aren’t highlighted, but may have documentation

< greaterthan
<= greaterthanorequalto
++ Increment
!= inequality
<< Bitshift
< lessthan
<= lessthanorequalto

The keywords.txt file is not intended for you to read. It tells that IDE that certain strings of characters have special meaning and should be colored specific ways. That there are typo's in the comments is not an issue.

They should, of course, be corrected but they in no way affect the behavior of the IDE.