ERROR in IDE MENU 1.6.12

Hi, Please correct me / move if there's a better place for Bug Reports.

In 1.6.12 the actions of Edit>Copy For Forum and Edit>Copy as HTML are reversed. Took me a little while to prove it.


The issue has already been reported:

Probably the "Suggestions for the Arduino Project" would be the most appropriate forum section. The forum is a reasonable place to report bugs but the problem is that the Arduino development team don't read the forum. When I see a bug report on the forum I do try to report it to the developers but only if I can verify the bug myself which is not always possible. So the best place to report bugs is in the issue trackers of the appropriate GitHub repository, such as:
Arduino IDE: Issues · arduino/Arduino · GitHub
arduino-builder: Issues · arduino/arduino-builder · GitHub
SAMD core: Issues · arduino/ArduinoCore-samd · GitHub
AVR toolchain: GitHub - arduino/toolchain-avr: The AVR toolchain used by the Arduino IDE
Create Editor Agent: Issues · arduino/arduino-create-agent · GitHub

If you want to submit an issue there you should first test using the hourly build to make sure the issue hasn't already been fixed and also search existing issue reports/pull requests(remove the "is:issue is:open" from the search field so that it will also find PRs and closed issues) to make sure it hasn't already been reported.

Reporting bugs is a very valuable contribution to Arduino, the sooner the developers are made aware of an issue, the faster they can get it fixed, hopefully before the next release. Unfortunately the issue reported here doesn't seem to be a priority because it still hasn't been fixed even though it was reported months ago, before the release of 1.6.13. I'd guess it would be a super simple fix. If anyone with a bit of Java skills wants to submit a pull request I'm sure it would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Pert, for reporting this correctly. I'll follow your suggestions.

I have chased thousands of bugs but this is the first one in the IDE for me...

this is the first one in the IDE for me...

Wow... This is the Arduino IDE we're talking about? :slight_smile:

... The first one that was the Arduino IDE's FAULT :slight_smile:

The bug is now fixed in the hourly build of the Arduino IDE.