Error in pinout table

I think there's an error in the pinout table.

pin 51 is PC12 not PC13.


Fixed thanks!

Another pin out typo? PA18 should be SCL1

Any chance of adding sink/source current limits to the table for each pin? I know it's in Table 46-2 in ref manual , but ...

It is in the SAM data sheet but not in a very convenient format and then you have to map that to the Arduino pin.

As this is going to be an issue with the Due I think the pin mapping page

Should have another column that indicates the high-current pins.


another column for the pin-map table might be the Timer Counter associations (Table 37-4)

Yeah, this all gets back to the documentation we (or at least I :)) are always rabbiting on about. You shoudln't have to rummage through schematics, data sheets and even code to see what pin does what.


More pin mapping details can be seen in


I looked at the Due PinMapping and saw this:

Due Pin Number SAM3X Pin Name Mapped Pin Name

4 connected to both PA29 and PC26 Digital Pin 4

10 connected to both PA28 and PC29 Digital Pin 10

I'm confused why are on two Pins joined on an Due Pin for what reason?

You're right

C.26 is and C.29 are both PWM pins. A.28 and A.29 are both SPI chip selects

It seems that these four functions have been merged into two pins.

Why do this when there are dozens of uncommitted pins? Same reason C.27 (A6) is not connected at all and therefore you can't add external memory I guess. Who knows?

There may be a good reason, can anyone in the Arduino team explain this?