Error in running the structure

I am getting following error when i verify/compile my code in Arduino 0017. Kindly where i can get the AVR-GCC file? Any solution please?

Not sure it's your only problem, but I just saw a similar problem in a posted sketch where someone answered.

Your first two #define statements end with semicolons, remove them and try again.


At the bottom of the window, it shows a path to where the avr-gcc (compiler) is expected to be. Does that path exist?

The compiler should have been installed as part of the Arduino IDE install. Did you move stuff after installing the IDE?

I don't think the #define semicolons will make any difference - you'll simply get an empty statement (FORWARD);;

As PaulS said, it looks like the compiler isn't where it's expected to be.

Thanks to all for your help:)

I downloaded the Arduino 0017 again and when i unpacked i got an error but the program GUI loaded except the above error... I have found no AVR-GCC in the library!!!.. Where can i get it?

Kindly help me...

Does the error possibly concern the inability to install the compiler?

What was the error you got? No psychic's on this forum. A few psychotics, maybe...

Semicolons do matter in define statements, just to be clear:


There is no semicolon after the #define statement. If you include one, the compiler will throw cryptic errors further down the page.

#define ledPin 3; // this is an error

Semicolons do matter in define statements

Correction: semicolons can matter in #define statments.
Taking your example,

#define ledPin 3;    // this is may cause an error

would cause an error in, say digitalWrite (ledPin, HIGH);
but not in

outputPin = ledPin;

Thank You to all who responded:) Sorry for delay in response because my internet connection was down...

It seems that the Arduino 0017 Zip file at the server is corrupt with Avr... ( This is because i downloaded twice from different computer but while unpacking i got some error (corrupt avarice.exe) i dont know how to post the picture...)

So i downloaded Arduin0016 IDE and unpacked it..and move the AVR folder into Arduino 17 unzip folder..Now its working fine..