Error in setCursor example (LiquidCrystal library)

The setCursor example is confusing and therefore wrong (examples are there to clarify things, not to confuse :wink: )

In the example (both on the website and in the v0017 download) the setCursor is used as: lcd.setCursor(thisRow,thisCol);
The Reference says the syntax of setCursor is: lcd.setCursor(col, row)
So the example uses different order for column and row parameters :-/

Also the for-next loops are confusing, thisCol counts from 0 to numRows: for (int thisCol = 0; thisCol < numRows; thisCol++) {

and thisRow counts from 0 to numCols: for (int this[b]Row[/b] = 0; thisRow < numCols; thisRow++) {

To clear up things I would suggest the following changes:

     // loop over the rows:
     for (int thisRow= 0; thisRow < numRows; thisRow++) {
       // loop over the columns:
       for (int thisCol = 0; thisCol < numCols; thisCol++) {
         // set the cursor position:

An oversight, we changed the order of the parameters, but not the naming, I'll get that cleaned up for the next version