Error in user signoff makes all posts after his have a smaller font ?

Hi Admin (i think you are the one that could solve this).

In this thread, i saw that each post after OP's post will be in a smaller font after OP has posted.
If OP answeres a lot, then at the end no one can read any replies anymore.
OP is user ejasoft, but i don't think he (or she) will be able to solve this.
Also the background colors or style gets messed up.

If i have a peek in Firefox's show page source (i don't know the exact English phrase), is see this starting at line 266 (sorry for the mess):

							<div class="signature">I am using arduino for car pc project you can help me on this blog <a href="" target="_blank">?????</a> - <a href="http://</div>
<td class="windowbg3">


The a href= part is highlighted in red, until line 373 with the /td tag.
This red highlighted part is visible in every post of ejasoft.
I guess some error has occurred in his profile, but i doubt he can solve that himself.
I have no idea about php or html codes.

This problem is seen before, - Can anyone else verify this font size shrinking problem? - Website and Forum - Arduino Forum -
diagnosis was a brute force truncated footer that left HTML tags open and got never closed.
(it also tells a bit about the intelligence of browsers...)